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Technical information|Hirose Valves Co., Ltd.


Technical information ”Work scene”

As a result of the development of hydraulic pressure stop valves, Hirose Valves has been working hard to respond to the“voice of the workplace“ and “the needs of the times“ to endeavor to be the go-to manufacturer for all sorts of hydraulic pressure valves.
Thanks to that, we’ve grown into a company with a positive reputation from hydraulic machinery manufacturers, starting from the rolling mill industry.
This company always strives to puts quality control first.
From inspection equipment all the way to the inspections of the final product, our manufacturing process is rigorously carried out, while fostering emotional and technical growth in our staff and workers.
We will not change in the way that we continue to work closely with our customers.
With “prompt delivery“ as our motto, and continuous optimization of production equipment processes, we will continue to make products to fit with the times, on and into the future.

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