◆Feature of Hirose Valves

Beginning with the development of hydraulic pressure stop valves, we began producing various kinds of hydraulic valves required in the era of labor saving, and received high praise from various hydraulic equipment manufacturers, including the rolling mill industry.

Hirose Valves Factory photos

◆Technological Innovators, Hirose Valves

「Bringing high quality products and technology to the world.」

Hirose Valves brings technological takes methods based on proven historical techniques and strives to improve further upon them.
In recent years, Hirose Valves has gone international to participate in technological exhibitions in China, as well as Germany`s Industrial Trade Fair, “Hanover Messe.“ Following debuts in overseas exhibitions, we are now sharing our technology abroad as well.
We are putting in efforts day by day, taking pride in our world recognized techniques and reliability, and providing solutions to problems in increasingly wide-ranging fields.
We take painstakingly careful measures to insure our products are held to a strict quality standard, and consequently are able to improve the technological standard of many different workers.
With prompt delivery as our motto, we have strict processes in place to ensure that all deliveries are made on schedule.
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