Company Identity

Toward a Centennial Company.
As the unsung hero, Hirose Valves manufactures and develops environmentally friendly high pressure water valves, and sets its sights on further pioneering new fluid management systems.
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◆Management Philosophy

Whether with people or with business, we never compromise on faithfulness.
2.Social Contribution
We strive to contribute to society through the work we do.
3.Pioneering Spirit
We carry out our work set on advancing the industry.
We resolutely strive to always do our best in the work we do.
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◆Banks in Transaction

Hirose Valve Industry Co., Ltd. started out producing simple stop valves since its foundation in 1923.
Changing and evolving with the widely varying times since then, we have come to be the manufacturer of complex specialized hydraulic valve systems we are today.

Valves are the the largely unseen, indepensable unsung hero that supports main industries around the world.

Superb equipment and experience has been gleaned from over 90 years of tradition. With talented employees,and a manufacturing control process based on “facts and date,” we avoid inconsistency, ineficiency and excessiveness, and are able to deliver increasingly excellent products to the world.

As we have been from long ago, we will continue to adapt to the changing demands of the market, and continue our steady advancement; progressing the industry on and into to the future.

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